Hiroshi Matsuda
Hiroshi "Hiro" Matsuda

Master Yo is the web site of Hiroshi Matsuda, who after years of teaching the art of Bonsai to his students in Northern California, is now producing a complete series of instructional videos on DVD. His goal is to aid those students of Bonsai who do not have access to a qualified teacher, or to help those students who prefer to work on their own, but need help in in developing their knowledge and skills.

These instructional DVDs will take you from the absolute basics, as in the first DVDs in the series First Bonsai and Bonsai Care, which are designed to provide the Bonsai novice with the basic tools they will need to create their first Bonsai and how to care for it. The next set of DVDs, Beginning Bonsai, which is now in production, will be focused on all of the knowledge and skills required to prepare the student for the Intermediate and Advanced Bonsai series of DVDs.

There will also be instructional DVDs that focus on particular areas of the Art of Bonsai that require special attention, such as: the Black Pine, the seasonal aspects of Bonsai care and maintenance, and creating Bonsai landscapes – Bonniwa. DVDs on Saikei, Hakonia, etc. will be available soon.

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August Bonsai by the Season Class:
August 16th 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

We will learn about the many tools available for bonsai. How to use them correctly and the proper care. Most of the tools shown here are almost 40 years old. If we have time, i will also show you how to make custom chopsticks.

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Instructional Bonsai DVD's

Do you have a Bonsai and need to know how to care for it? These DVD's present the knowledge you will need to get you started in this ancient art form. There are videos that will take you from beginner to advanced in the art of Bonsai.