Bonsai Classes

Hiro at Sacramento Bonsai Club

The Bonsai Experience: This class is designed for the true beginner. It is created so you can experience the Ancient Art first hand by making your own Bonsai. It is a complete package; detailed instruction followed by each person creating their own Bonsai.
2 hours of fun.
Economy: Young plant (plastic pot) $75.00
Basic: nice plant 3-7 years old $95.00
The Boomer: good plant 7-15 years old $200.00
The Legacy: great plant over 20 years in training $450.00

Individual Bonsai Workshop: Because people have their own bonsai goals and pursuits, this workshop is a custom designed class to meet each individual's need. Come in with your own materials or purchase one of the thousands available here at the Matsuda Bonsai Nursery. Workshop available by appointment.
Two hours - $50.00 + materials

Professional Bonsai Service: This service is intended for people who just need prompt assistance maintaining their bonsai. Just call or email ahead and your questions will be answered and the work will be done while you wait.
Bonsai health check, trim, and feed: $10.00 small tree
Bonsai health check, trim, and feed: $20.00 large tree
Bonsai needing extensive work: $25.00 and up

Bonsai by the Season: If you like to learn as a group, we have a Bonsai by the Season class. We meet once a month for a seasonally inspired lecture and demonstration pertinent to the given month. Check the schedule of events by clicking the link below.
10:00AM - 12:00PM 3rd Thursday or Saturday of the month $20.00
2015 Bonsai by the Season Calendar

Bonsai Buddies Workshop is new this year. Enjoy and learn as a small group. More details to follow. $250.00 per year.

Personalized event: We can tailor enjoyable classes for birthdays, company retreats, anniversaries, club gatherings, friend get togethers, or any occasion. Let Hiro know what your wishes are and get a price quote.

Want more classes? If you are interested in other classes, such as: Suiseki {viewing stones}, Raku ceramics, Sumie {Zen painting}, or any other subject, please email Hiro at, or call him at 916-645-1820.